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Please review the Instructions for CPA Renewal and to Print Your License After Renewal.  If after reading this information, you still have questions, please contact the Board office.

Renewal Deadlines and Fees

The Certified Public Accountant's license expires each year on June 30. Therefore, in order to renew timely, the CPA must renew his/her license to practice by the June 30 deadline. Late renewals will be accepted between the dates of July 1 and July 31 with an additional $50.00 late fee. 

An e-mail message will be generated on or about May 1 each year to notify all licenses regarding the online renewal procedure.

Paper Renewal Forms

For those who do not have internet access or choose not to renew through our online process, the Board will continue to accept paper renewals for a undetermined length of time. However, at some unspecified date in the future, all licensees will be required to utilize the online system.  Until then, licensees may access a method to print a paper renewal in the Resources section directly below this page.


Licensees who have not renewed by July 31 will be required to file an Application for Reinstatement of License. The licensee will be responsible for the renewal fee as well as July's late fee and an additional $75.00 per month (not to exceed $445.00). You may use the reinstatement form link above to apply online or access the paper form in the Resources section directly below this page. 

Retirement or Inactivation of License

Licensees who do not wish to renew due to retirement or employment changes and/or circumstances, may utilize the online renewal system to notify the Board of their intention; or if preferable, notify the Board via e-mail correspondence.

Please be advised that a licensee who was in good standing at the time that he/she became inactive, who is now over the age of 62 and no longer performing or offering to perform services, may continue to display the CPA credential after his/her name on business cards and non-financial documents.  The display of the credential should not be misleading, such as the CPA's name on a business sign (e,g, John Doe, CPA) or letterhead, in a fashion that may lead a reasonable person to conclude that the CPA is still practicing. If in doubt, please contact the Board office.

CPA's Responsibility to Report Changes to the Board

Board staff has no way to know that you retired or no longer desire a license to practice unless you notify us in writing or through the online system. If you fail to renew without advising the Board of your current desire,  your status will be listed as "Lapsed" in our online system.  Please note that a licensee is ineligible for renewal if he/she did not meet CPE compliance during the previous calendar year. In this instance, the status of the CPA will be listed as "CPE Noncompliance."

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