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Required Review

Thorough familiarity with the examination’s functionality, format, and directions is required before a candidate reports to a testing center. Failure to follow the directions provided in the tutorial and sample tests, including the directions on how to respond, may adversely affect a candidate's scores. Therefore, candidates are required to review the tutorial and sample tests before arriving the first time at the testing site.  
CPA Exam Tutorial

Useful Links for Exam Preparation

Candidate Bulletin  (highly recommended)

Free Access to Professional Literature and AICPA Examination Overview

Score Advisory

Candidate Online Score Advisory

NASBA Online Payment System

NASBA Online Payment System (do not try to pay 3rd party fees until you receive your Payment Coupon from NASBA). Call 1-800-272-3926 to pay exam fees by telephone

Foreign Transcript Evaluations

 The Board requires a candidate to use NASBA's NIES service for foreign transcript evalauation.

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