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No individual practitioner may provide attest or compilation services without having first obtained an authorization issued by the board unless the individual practitioner meets substantial equivalency practice privileges as noted below.* An applicant may provide attest services, compilation services,or both.

Authorization for an Individual Practitioner in West Virginia

The board may issue an authorization to an individual practioner who makes application on board approved forms and provides the following informaton:

  • Applicant's name and certification number,
  • The location of each office within the state from which the individual practioner performs accounting services,
  • Provides information regarding any issuance, denial, revocation, suspension, probation, or censure of any certification issued by this state or an out-of-state accountancy board,
  • Verification that the individual practitioner who signs attest and compilation reports as a certified public accountant meets the competency requirements set forth in Generally Accepted Auditing Standards published by the AICPA (for attest services) and the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services published by the AICPA (for compilation services), and
  • Verfication that the practitioner has timely completed a peer review in a satisfactory manner as determined by the board.

*Authorization for a Substantially Equivalent Individual Practitioner (out-of-state license to practice)

Out-of-state substantially equivalent individual practitioners who provide only compilation services may do so without the issuance of an auhorization so long as the practitioner:

  • Has the same privileges in the individual pracitioner's home state,
  • Performs the services in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS),
  • Signs the compilation reports as a certified public accountant, and
  • Is undergoing a peer review program that conforms with applicable law and rules.


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