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CPE Waiver Information



Pursuant to the Code of State Regulations, Title 1, Series 1, § 7.3.1.B., a licensee who has not met the CPE requirement of any given calendar year must file, in writing, for an exemption of CPE hours due to extenuating circumstances such as accident, illness, military service, or other circumstances.

Licensees may also apply to the Board, in writing, for a waiver of CPE late filing fees and/or CPE Extension request fees based on this request.

Board Staff will review and make a determination regarding all requests for exemption. Board staff will notify the licensee regarding the determination in writing within fifteen (15) days of the request. The licensee may request an appeal of the determination by sending a letter or e-mail within thirty (30) days of receipt of the initial notification to request that the circumstances be reviewed by the entire Board. The appeal will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Subsequent requests for waiver must be made directly to the entire Board for review and consideration.

Appeal Process

  1. Any licensee who wishes to appeal the initial determination for CPE Waiver shall submit the request in writing (through mail or email) no later than thirty (30) days after the initial notification. Board staff will place the appeal on the Agenda for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  2. At the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Board shall review the request for CPE Waiver and make a decision based on the extenuating circumstances presented by the licensee and, if applicable, the licensee’s CPE history. The Executive Director or CPE Coordinator will advise the licensee in writing within fifteen (15) days regarding the Board’s decision.
  3. All CPE Waiver requests and resulting correspondence will be uploaded to the licensee’s CPE record. These files will be kept on record for a minimum of ten (10) years.
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