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CPE Policy Change - IRS VITA Program

At the May 2, 2011 meeting, the Board made the following policy decision regarding the number of hours a licensee may claim for participating as an instructor in the IRS VITA Program:

The Board determined that a licensee may claim 1/2 hour for each hour spent teaching tax courses to VITA volunteers -- not to exceed 20 hours in any three-year rolling period. For example, if a licensee spends four hours teaching a Form 1040 course to VITA volunteers in a structured classroom environment, the licensee may claim 2 hours of CPE credit.  The CPE instructor credit must be verified through a Certificate of Participation issued by the VITA program.  When recording these hours on the CPE form, the licensee must identify the subject matter taught in the Title of Course column.  The licensee may claim credit for teaching the same subject matter only once in any three-year rolling period. The licensee may not claim CPE credit for preparing tax forms under the VITA program.

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