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Firm Information

You have selected to make application for a Firm Permit with Authorization to Perform Attest Compilation Services as an out-of-state firm.

The application fee for Firm Permit is $100.00.

The application fee for Authorization to Perform Attest and/or Compilation Services fee is based on number of licensee members and/or licensees employed by the firm. Please see the schedule below:

  • 1-5 Licensees: $100.00
  • 6-10 Licensees: $200.00
  • 11 Licensees: $300.00

While you are in the application process please do not use the back button in your browser. If at any time you wish to exit the application process, please click the "Exit" button located at the bottom of the page.

Firm Information
I wish to renew my firm's authorization to perform attest/compilation services for the upcoming fiscal period (July 1 to June 30).

Please choose carefully. You will not be able to hit a "BACK BUTTON" once you choose. If you change your mind or inadvertently make the wrong choice, you will need to log out and come back to this page again.

Contact Information

Make all necessary corrections below.

Has there been a change of firm name, address and/or contact information?

State Registrations

List the states in which your firm holds a firm registration.

Have you formed a new firm or organized in any other form?

State Licenses
Listed below are the state licenses the board currently has on file.

If you need to add additional states please add their abbreviations below. Example: WV, OH, VA, FL

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